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You can page through a document using the mouse or keyboard commands even if automatic paging is selected

Choose Tools > Edit PDFIn the secondary toolbar, choose Header & Footer > Update

docx to pdf ilovepdf

Change the settings as neededAdd another header and footer Open the PDF file containing header and footerChoose Tools > Edit PDF

docx to pdf ilovepdf

In the secondary toolbar, choose Header & Footer > Add, and then click Add New in the message that appearsThe preview shows any existing headers and footers

docx to pdf ilovepdf

Type text in the header and footer text boxes to add more headers and footers

As you type, the preview updates the appearance of the complete headers and footers on the pageReader users cannot change the initial view

Use split-window view You can view a PDF with the document pane divided into two panes (Split command) or four panes (Spreadsheet Split command)With Split view, you can scroll, change the magnification level, or turn to a different page in the active pane without affecting the other pane

The Spreadsheet Split view is useful if you want to keep column headings and row labels visible while scrolling through a large spreadsheet or tableIn this mode, changing the magnification in one pane changes the magnification in all panes

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