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integrated chinese 4th edition pdf

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This ensures that the end document created with PDF/UA spec is more reliable and accessible

The pointer appears as a cross-hair pointer in the document windowDrag a rectangle to define the first article box

integrated chinese 4th edition pdf

An article box appears around the enclosed text, and the pointer changes to the article pointerEach article box you create has a label that consists of the article number and its sequence within the articleFor example, the first box for the first article is labeled 1-1, the second box 1-2, and so on

integrated chinese 4th edition pdf

The boxes for the second article in the same document are labeled 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, and so onGo to the next part of the document you want to include in the article, and draw a rectangle around that text

integrated chinese 4th edition pdf

Repeat until you have defined the entire article

Note: To resize or move an article box, you must first end the articleFor example, you can hide a layer containing a copyright notice whenever a document is displayed onscreen, while ensuring that the layer always prints

In Acrobat Pro, you can rename, flatten, and merge layers, change the properties of layers, and add actions to layersYou can also rearrange layers, import layers from image files and other PDFs, and lock layers to prevent them from being hidden

Acrobat Pro doesn't let you author layers that change visibility based on the zoom levelHowever, you can highlight a portion of a layer by creating a bookmark that magnifies or hides the layer using page actions

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