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To show a hidden layer, select the empty box(A layer is visible when the eye icon is present, and hidden when the eye icon is absent

nuance pdf

This setting temporarily overrides the settings in the Layer Properties dialog box) Note: In a nested layer group, if the parent layer is hidden, the nested layers are automatically hidden as wellIf the parent layer is visible, nested layers can be made visible or hidden

nuance pdf

From the Options menu , choose one of the following: List Layers For All Pages Shows every layer across every page of the documentList Layers For Visible Pages Shows layers only on the currently visible pages

nuance pdf

Reset To Initial Visibility Resets layers to their default state

Apply Print Overrides Displays layers according to the Print settings in the Layer Properties dialog box (Prints When Visible, Never Prints, Always Prints)The Line icon shows the position of the icon or icons

The bookmark is nested; however, the actual page remains in its original location in the documentNesting Bookmarks in Acrobat Nesting a bookmark (left), and the result (right) Move bookmarks out of a nested position Select the bookmark or range of bookmarks you want to move

Move the selection by doing one of the following: Drag the icon or icons, positioning the arrow directly under the label of the parent bookmarkChoose Cut from the options menu , select the parent bookmark, and then choose Paste Under Selected Bookmark from the options menu

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