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financing factories products filetype:pdf

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A PDF supports only one background per page, but the backgrounds can vary from page to page

Enhance Thin Lines: When selected, clarifies thin lines in the display to make them more visibleUse Page Cache: Places the next page in a buffer before the current page is viewed to reduce the time required to page through a document

financing factories products filetype:pdf

Use 2D Graphics Acceleration (Windows only): (Appears only if your computer hardware supports 2D graphics acceleration) Speeds up zooming, scrolling, and redrawing of page content, and speeds the rendering and manipulation of 2D PDF contentThis option is selected by default

financing factories products filetype:pdf

Note: If this option isn't available in the Page Display preferences, you may have to update your GPU card driver to enable this hardware featureContact your card vendor or computer manufacturer for an updated driver

financing factories products filetype:pdf

Page Content And Information Show Large Images: Displays large images

If your system is slow to display image-intensive pages, deselect this optionAttachments in other formats are ignored by the search engine

Note: To enable Microsoft and AutoCAD file searches, the IFilters appropriate to the file types must be installedIFilters are typically installed with their applications, but can also be downloaded from product websites

Search attachments from the Attachments panel To open the Attachments panel, choose View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > AttachmentsIn the Attachments panel, click Search Attachments

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