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Page Layout tab The Page Layout options specify a selection of page sizes and options for width, height, margin measurements, and page orientationThe Scaling options are as follows: Scale Wide Contents To Fit Page Rescales the contents of a page, if necessary, to fit the width of the page


If this option is not selected, the paper size adjusts to fit the contents of the page, if necessarySwitch To Landscape If Scaled Smaller Than Changes the page orientation to landscape if the new version of a page is less than the specified percentage of the original sizeAvailable only if you selected portrait orientation


HTML Conversion Settings This dialog box opens when you select HTML on the General tab of the Web Page Conversion Settings dialog box and then click the Settings buttonDefault Encoding Lets you specify the following options: Default Encoding Sets the input encoding of the file text from a menu of operating systems and alphabets


Always Ignores any encoding that is specified in the HTML source file and uses the selection shown in the Default Encoding option

When Page Doesn’t Specify Encoding Uses the selection shown in the Default Encoding option only if the HTML source file does not specify a type of encodingDefine an initial view When a user opens your PDF document or PDF Portfolio, they see the initial view of the PDF

You can set the initial view to the magnification level, page, and page layout that you wantIf your PDF is a presentation, you can set the initial view to Full Screen mode

In Acrobat Pro you can create Action Wizards to change default settings for multiple documentsAfter you define the initial view of the PDF, you can add page transitions to selected pages or the entire document

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