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From environmental factors, better productivity and money and time savings, there are a lot to gain from going paperless and this infographic intends to showcase all you should know about going paperless

Here's why it's better to use PDFs instead of the other formats: Portability The PDF file format is portable, it's right in the nameWhat this means is that you can transfer or move the files around without having to worry about any dependencies

ds 82 pdf

How many times have you tried to open a Word Doc, only to see a warning saying there are some missing fonts in the document? How about a Powerpoint presentation with missing images in it? We've all been there, haven't we? With PDFs, you don't have to worry about all thisOnce a PDF file is created, it can be easily shared with anyone and the fonts, images, tables and formatting contained in it will be moved with itUniversal Compatibility Since the PDF file format became an open standard in 2008, it has seen extensive support in all kinds of apps today

ds 82 pdf

Most modern browsers are fully capable of opening and displaying PDF files, and most modern operating systems come with basic pre-installed apps to open PDFs with easeSo the same PDF file can work on Windows, Mac, or Linux and look the exact same way

ds 82 pdf

PDF Expert isn't just the best PDF Editor for Mac, it also acts works great as a simple app to open and read PDF files in

Reliability The PDF file format is reliablePrinting options

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Choose a file name for the new PDF and select SaveSave button on Windows 10 How to Save Google Images as PDF Using Google Chrome, you can save any picture as a PDF file

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