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Friday, May 29th, 2020

Welcome to Excellent Lists!

MY PHONE NUMBER IS 352.503.4668
If you need my help in selecting the list best suited to your offer, call me, leave a message and I'll call you back (M-F, approx 3-4pm EST-Florida Time). I have only enough time to phone once so please be there to receive my call and be sure your phone accepts calls from blocked (anonymous) numbers. Please say your phone number slowly and clearly. If I am unable to reach you I'm unable to call again and ask that you email me at Thanks.

Welcome and thanks for your interest in my lists.

I specialize in highly responsive lists for folks who cannot afford to waste time or money. If you've been disappointed in lists from other companies, I believe my lists will restore your faith. In short - I can help you make much more money!
I've been in the mailing list business for more than 25 years specializing in powerful lists of BUYERS who are actively seeking income opportunities of all kinds. The folks on my lists are ready to buy! There are lots of list companies trying to lure you with low prices. But my decades of mail order experience has taught me that you get what they pay for: If you buy cheap, you'll get cheap - and your campaign will fail! Your success depends in large part on the list you use so always seek the best, not the cheapest.
My lists are used by folks who are serious about building a profitable mail order business. If you want to make money in mail order my lists should be considered an essential part of your plan as they are well-known for being perfect for any income opportunity, gifting, mail order, work-at-home or MLM offer. My lists are all 100% Buyers - They are not tire-kickers and browsers with no money.
IS THIS YOU? Some folks see my prices then go elsewhere for a "cheap" list. Then after their "cheap" mailing list fails miserably they come back to me for a good list of actual Buyers . "Cheap" lists aren't cheap; they waste your time and money. Always buy the best list you can afford.

This email was received on Monday, March 6, 2017:
Hello Mark,
    We are believers! Your claims were proven recently as we did a test of one of your lists. We did a test mailing on the In-House list that we purchased from you! We mailed it on February 24th and received a 6.7% response by March 6th. Thanks and we are looking forward to working with you on our future marketing endeavors.
God Bless, Robert Q., Houston,Texas
This email was received on Thursday, July 3, 2014:
Dear Mark,
    Do you remember the postcard you designed for me? I never did tell you the final numbers and how it pulled. I sent out 5000 postcards that you designed for me and mailed them to your Opportunity Buyers list and I got 650 PAYING MONTHLY CUSTOMERS! THAT IS A 13% RESPONSE RATE OF ACTUAL BUYERS. Completely unheard of! That is how well your postcard copywriting and mailing list succeeded.
(And the next day he email me regarding the new postcards I designed for him: "I have re-read both postcards again and again and actually think they are genius!")
        Best Regards, Howard Duckworth,  210-549-4820
If you want me to design a postcard for you CLICK HERE for rates.

I offer six categories of mailing lists: CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE PRICE LIST
    Until recently I've kept this list secret and have personally used it for years to market my mailiing lists and to attract the public to this website. I've made money with this list of 100% Verified Actual Buyers every time I use it. As powerful as all of my other lists are, in my experience this list is a nothing less than totally amazing. Until recently I've kept this in-house list private for my own use but it's now available to the public. It comes name & address only (no phone numbers - phones are way too expensive to harvest), on peel & stick labels with 20% extra leads included (order 1000 and get 1200; order 500 and get 600; order 250 and get 300). Also included is a CD with your leads in an Excel Spreadsheet and special document giving you the ability to automatically print more labels anytime.

    They've been verified to be Habitual Buyers who have spent money on multiple money-making plans of all types and now they want even more. These Red Hot Big Spenders are ready to buy! They respond well to just about any good Income Opportunity, Gifting, MLM or Chain Letter offer holding out the chance of making more money, especially from home.

    Verified Income Opportunity Buyers who have spent from $20 to $150+ on at least one (but most likely more) Income Opportunity program holding out the promise of increased income with little work.

    Verified Buyers with a strong history of one or more Gifting purchases from $20 to $300+. They love Gifting but often try other types of income oportunities.

  5. MLM Buyers
    Verified Buyers with a history of one or more MLM purchases from $50 to $800+. They gravitate towards MLM but often try other types of income opportunities.

  6. Chain Letter Addicts
    Verified Buyers with a history of participating in one of more Chain Letters with fees of $10 to $250+. They tend to appreciate ways to make money from working at home and although they have a Gifting history, they sometimes try other income opportunities.
How my lists are compiled:   
Databases abound and they contain every bit of information about us all, including personal data, preferences, buying habits and much more. Analysts access these databases, dissect what they find then run it against the most recent census data and other public and costly proprietary databases until they develop a clear profile of a person. What emerges is a 'snapshot' revealing a person's likes, dislikes, hobbies, and more. It reveals whether a person engages in extra income activities and what type of activities those are. I've simplified it here, of course. But these analysts have created certain formulas (algorithms) that accurately profile those who engage in extra income opportunities. That's how I can offer the above five categories with confidence.
If you got used to seeing my lists called other things, allow me to explain. In the past I've tried many ways to describe these same five categories. I've called them 'Premium' and 'Excellent', etc, but judging from the volume of phone calls asking for clarification, new titles were needed. So I tried to simplify it by referring to the same five categories by numbers (List #1 is the best, #2 is Second Best, and so on down the line). Many of my clients came to me after being disappointed by other mailing list companies. And they now send me repeat orders. That speaks volumes about the power of my lists.
I'd like to make you aware of some important things...

You may use your MasterCard or Visa with total security. My bank verifies ownership of the credit card and verifies the home address of its rightful owner. I ship all orders within 24 hours via Priority Mail to the billing address of the card's rightful owner. Lastly, credit cards are accepted online only so your credit card info is never revealed to me. I do not accept PayPal because they don't allow mailing list sales.
If you live outside the USA please do NOT order my lists - I do not accept foreign orders.

My phone number is 1-352-503-4668. You may call me to ask my help to select the list best suited for your offer. If you want a responsive mailing list and would like me to personally help you select it, feel free to call me anytime. J
ust call, leave me a clear message and I'll call you back (M-F, approx 3-4PM, EST-Florida time). Please make sure your phone is turned on and accepts calls from blocked numbers. Or email for my help in list selection by describing your offer - DO NOT send me links or attachments. To discuss any matter other than list selection please email me.

When I ship your order along with your peel & stick labels I'll enclose a special CD that will contain your mailing list in two  formats: (1) In a special Word document so you can print more peel & stick labels anytime you want to. Just open this document, load blank labels into your printer, click the "Print" button and they'll print automatically - no other mailing list company provides this service; and (2) In an Excel spreadsheet so you can sort, select and analyze them. And I add an extra 20% free leads to every order. That means if you order 1000 labels I'll send you 1200; if you order 500 labels I'll send you 600; if you order 250 labels I'll send you 300.

I offer Custom Leads, Email Leads, and Discount Leads. For additional info and a printable brochure of each, click these links:                      

CLICK HERE to select your list #1 through #5. Just click on the one you want and It'll be added to your cart ready for your 100% secure checkout. My Custom Leads, Email Leads, and Discount Leads cannot be ordered online.

You have the option of mailing your order to me. Send cash or a money order (no checks) payable to MARK BESHARA and mail your order to me at 5455 South Suncoast Blvd (#66), Homosassa, FL 34446. Mail is processed each Monday then shipped immediately by USPS 2-Day Priority Mail with tracking. Don't send me your credit card number as credit cards are accepted online only.
When mailing your order please tell me which list and how many labels you are ordering and be sure to enclose your name, address, phone and email (so I can confirm your order).

If you've used my mailing lists before you already know how powerful they are. If you aren't a client yet I encourage you to read this testimonial received from a real mailing list client. This is a direct quote:

Dear Mark,
I just wanted to take some time and write to you about the wonderful and professional way you have handled my account. The 5 page sales letter and 2 postcards that you wrote for me as well as your mailing lists have made my business explode beyond my wildest dreams. The volume of calls received and the positive response from my customers has pushed me to provide a website and take my business to a new level. You have helped me from providing mailing lists to copywriting and now my mailings will be over 100,000 a month. Not bad for just starting my mail campaign just 3 months ago. We are partners for life and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us. Thanks so much. Please feel free to use this testimonial as you see fit. If anyone wants to contact me to verify this letter, they can email or phone me and are welcomed to visit my website.
Warmest regards,
Howard Duckworth
San Antonio, Texas
(210) 549-4820

DISCLAIMER: As I state on my price list, no one can guarantee what rate of success you'll have. You might have more, you might have less. Mail order success is a combination of the list + the offer + the flyer.

Now I  invite you to browse this website and make your mailing list selection.I look forward to helping you make more money and I remain at your service. I'm here when you need me.


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