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Sunday, February 28th, 2021

How to Advertise Effectively on a Small Budget

Finally some great (and very affordable) ways to advertise effectively!

I'm really excited to be able to tell you about affordable ways to advertise. I've been waiting for these to come along and so have you! I strongly urge you read them ALL. They've been tested and they ALL work!


WAY #1
I’ll Print your Full Page 8x11 flyer in a 'Magazine' then mail it to 5000 Red Hot Prospects!
Send me your Full Page 8x11 flyer and it will be printed in an opportunity 'magazine' (actually it's approx 20 pages of various income opportunity ads bound together in magazine format) then mailed to 5000 of the hottest prospects around. And I'll make sure you receive a copy of the magazine so you can admire your ad... when you receive your copy it signals your 5000 copies have been mailed. And I'll do it for less than you could on your own. In fact, I'll Print & Mail all 5000 for only $125. That's only 2 1/2 cents each!
CLICK HERE for more details about how it works and how to order.

WAY #2
I’ll Print & Mail 10,000 of your Full-Page brochures every month for a Full Year for only $175!
Get your full page 8 ½ x 11 circular in the hands of 10,000 hungry prospects every single month for a year for $175! Want more? 
 - I’ll Print & Mail 20,000 every month for 1-Full Year for only $275.
   - Want even more? Select up to 100,000 monthly!
This is REAL Print & Mail that will appear in a 20-page Mail Order paper & ink printed magazine; this is not internet circulation! It’s a real paper & ink publication mailed monthly to 100,000 eager prospects.
For details and an order form CLICK HERE.

WAY #3
I'll blast your ad to 2.7 Million Income Opportunity Buyers!
There is no more effective and economical way to advertise than by email. That's why your inbox is filled with so many ads. Sure, some are SPAM but most are things you subscribed to and are looking for. Now you can send your 100-word ad to more than 2.7 Million Income Opportunity Buyers. Guaranteed to be 100% SPAM-free! And these 2.7 million people are highly targeted because they've subscribed and double-opted in and have asked to be sent income opportunities. It's like they're just waiting to hear from you. And for just $70 it's a no-brainer. And there are deep discounts if you send your 100-word ad more than once.
CLICK HERE for a brochure and an order form.

WAY #4
Now you can finally afford to get your ads all over the internet!
You already know how expensive it is to advertise in mail order magazines and you also know that advertising your mail order business just might make a ton of money but without it you just might fail. In short, you cannot afford not to advertise!

Now there's a way to place your ad in any number of popular online mail order magazines for ONE FULL YEAR for less than you ever thought possible. And the publisher GUARANTEES results. If you're not pleased, he'll run your add FREE for 12 more months!  Here are some examples of the advertising prices:

      -  Your ad in 3 Mail Order Magazines for a full year for only $30
      -  Your ad in 10 Mail Order Magazines for a full year for only $78
      -  Your ad in 50 Mail Order Magazines for a full year for only $210
      -  Your ad in 120 Mail Order Magazines for a full year for only $498

I tested these ads, placed ads for Excellent Lists and saw some impressive results. If you have a good offer you could do very well. When you see the prices of the ads I'm sure you'll agree with me that it's terrific value for money.
CLICK HERE for details and an order form.

WAY #5
This is how you can advertise on even a Tiny Budget! 
If you seek an affordable way to advertise in hot group of popular mail order publications or if you want a way to bring precisely targeted visitors to your website, or want to email your ad (just words or words with graphics) to a countless potential buyers, at last there's an affordable way to do it all!  From one single source you can now do all of the following and more:
      -  Get 10,000 targeted visitors to your website
      -  Your solo ad sent to 150,000, 30,000 or 1 Million targeted leads
      -  Your solo ad email blasted to 500,000 targeted leads
      -  And all at surprisingly low, low, low prices
         Click the link below for details and the low, low prices:


WAY #6
For a mere $20 you can place a Powerful ad that will run FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
That's not a misprint. For just $20 your ad will be in front of THOUSANDS of laser-targeted Prospects and hordes of Hungry Buyers with cash in their hands and ready to spend.
CLICK HERE for details and an Order Form

WAY #7
Place a $10 ad on a High-Traffic online website visited by Thousands of hungry Buyers looking for opportunities. And your ad will remain actively online for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
Write your ad and we'll put it online for you and you can check it daily. Your choice of one, two, or three inches and you can place as many ads as you want to. And your ad will remain actively online for the rest of your life. Visited by tones of Hot Buyers!
CLICK HERE for details and an Order Form
CLICK HERE for details and an Order Form

WAY #8
For a mere $25 you can place a Powerful ad that will run FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
Just send us your TWO FULL PAGE ad ad we'll give you your very own web pages targeting Red Hot Buyers and Potential Buyers wanting to buy into money-making opportunities. You pay as little as $25 for one page and we'll increase it to Two Full Pages at no additional cost to you. Use it for lengthy offers, multiple offers or your own ad sheet. Use part and sell the rest!
CLICK HERE for details and an Order Form

More advertising opportunities will be coming soon.
My wife & I wish you much mail order success. I'm here when you need me
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