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Sunday, February 28th, 2021



While the bulk of my business consists of clients who buy an average of 500 leads I have clients who mail Tens of Thousands of pieces every month.They are mail order professionals who've been in this business almost as long as I have. (I've been dong mailing lists for more than 25 years.)

They know that mailing lists are not "one size fits all" so instead of trying to squeeze their offer into one of my existing lists I custom-build a list to perfectly suit their offer. There's no longer any need wondering which list to chose.

While the leads I offer online are definitely very powerful my Custom Leads are harvested especially for what you are selling and you’ll enjoy a response rate that will impress even the most hardened skeptic. I am the only list broker offering this service.

One of these pros says: "Once you try these Custom Leads I predict you will never go back to any other lead, not even Mark's online leads."

How it works

You place your order then email me your mail piece for my analysis. I may ask questions and I may ask to see elements of your fulfillment package. Once I have a firm grasp of what you’re offering I’ll begin harvesting leads that are the most suitable for your offer. This is truly a Custom List so please allow approximately one week (it usually takes less). When the harvest is completed I’ll send your list to you in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • If you are an existing or previous client known to me I will email your file to you.
  • If you are a new client I'll burn your leads onto a CD and mail it to you.
  • No labels are available on these Custom Leads. Any local office supply (Office Depot, Office Max, etc.) can easily print the leads directly onto your mail piece and/or give you printed labels.

The pricing is as follows

$360 per 1000 with a minimum order of 5000.

If you feel your business is not worth $1800 then please order one of my online lists. My online lists are suitable for any money-making plan but these Custom Leads bring the most Immediate Money in the mail imaginable.

Please note that I don’t examine mailing pieces before you place an order. No affiliate discounts.

These leads cannot be ordered online but may be ordered by cash or money order. For your convenience they may also be ordered by bank transfer. When ready to order please request instructions.



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