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Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Red Hot Email Leads -DOUBLE Opt-In!

Send an Email, Make a Sale! It's that easy!

And you have no Printing and Postage Expense!

For the past several years I've received at least four requests every week asking for good-quality email leads. "Good Quality" means deliverable and NO SPAM. I finally yielded to the demand and now make them available.

To avoid the dreaded Spam I ensure that each of the email leads I sell is not only opt-in (that means the person filled out a form volunteering their name & email address and asked to receive income opportunity offers). My leads go a step further: They are DOUBLE opt-in. That means that after volunteering the required info they are asked A SECOND TIME to verify that they are opting into an email list to receive income opportunity emails. That's "Double opt-in" and it just doesn't get any better than that!

The only way I can go beyond that is to go to their house and rip money from their wallets! I can't do that but YOU can! Email them your offer. It saves you money on printing and postage. And one thing I really like about email marketing is that it usually brings an immediate response.

All of my Double opt-in email leads come with Name, Mailing Address and Email Address and are only approx 7-10 days old. Each email list I sell is unique (that means each client gets different leads) to reduce competition and to give you a fair chance at making a sale.

And they're affordable!

Remember that there's no printing and no postage costs.

Your email list will be put into a CD in an Excel spreadsheet and mailed to you by 2-Day Priority Mail. Once you are an established client (at least two previous orders) I can email the file to you if you prefer. I do not print mailing labels on these email lists.

Of course no list is 100% perfect so you may receive some bounce-backs. But the list will be cleaned and validated prior to sending it to you to ensure the freshest quality.

I do not offer a bulk email sending service and cannot refer you to anyone who does.

They Work!

I bought 5000 emails and sent them right away. The replies started that night and I made a big profit. I’m still getting replies and I’m ordering more today. This is an easy way to make money.   Harold – Aiken, SC

The emails I bought from Mark made me more money than I ever expected.  Bill – Sandy, UT

I never thought I could make money by sending emails but I did! – Morgan, Bakersfield, CA




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