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Sunday, February 28th, 2021

How to Select The Perfect List for Your Mailing!

Here's how to select a mailing list that's perfect for you: 

Here’s the easiest way to select a mailing list

  • ALL of my lists are 100% suitable for ANY money-making opportunity, including mail-order, gifting, MLM, etc. As one client  put it: "It's like a mailing list on steroids!".
  • ALL of my lists are 100% BUYERS.
  • ALL of my lists are no more than five days old.
  • ALL of my lists have been run through the US Postal Service Change of Address database.
  • All of my lists have been run through the Social Security Death Index.
  • ALL of my lists have been run through CASS certification to ensure maximum deliverability.

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Please remember:

  • Free Shipping & Handling is included on every order and all orders are shipped within 24 hours via USPS Priority Mail (2-day delivery with tracking) at no extra cost to you. Also, I include 20% extra FREE names with every list order: Order 1000 and I'll send you 1200, order 500 and I'll send you 600, order 250 and I'll send you 300.
  • The leads I send you will go to no other client because "I NEVER SELL THE SAME NAME TWICE"! And the leads I send you will belong to you for your Unlimited Use. Use them, share them, sell them. BEWARE: Other companies "rent" you the list for your one-time use.
  • Your package of peel & stick labels will include a Special CD that lets you easily print your list onto additional sets of 'Peel & Stick' labels automatically. Just put blank labels into your printer, open the special file on the CD, click the 'Print' button and the labels will print AUTOMATICALLY. No other list company provides this service!
  • My lists include phone numbers (my Private In-House list comes name & address only... no phones). The mailing labels I print and ship to you contain name & address only. The computer disc I'll enclose in your package contains the same leads with name, address and phone number.

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My phone number is 1-352-503-4668. If you want me to help you select the best list for your offer just call me, leave me a clear message and I'll call you back (M-F, approx 3-4pm EST, Florida time). Please make certain your phone is on and can accept blocked calls. To discuss any matter other than selecting a list please email me to


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