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Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Mailing List Testimonials - Read What My Clients Say

Some of my mailing list clients have been kind enough to tell me how my lists helped them succeed. Below are samples of some of their comments. Once you try my lists I predict that soon you'll be writing me a nice letter too.

This email was received on Thursday, July 3, 2014:
Dear Mark,
    Do you remember the postcard you designed for me? I never did tell you the final numbers and how it pulled. I sent out 5000 postcards that you designed for me and mailed them to your Opportunity Buyers list and I got 650 PAYING MONTHLY CUSTOMERS! THAT IS A 13% RESPONSE RATE OF ACTUAL BUYERS. Completely unheard of! That is how well your postcard copywriting and mailing list succeeded.
(And the next day he email me regarding the new postcards I designed for him: "I have re-read both postcards again and again and actually think they are genius!")
        Best Regards, Howard Duckworth

He tried my Private In-House List. This email was received March 6, 2017:
"I'm a believer! We mailed on February 24th and received a 6.7% reply by March 3rd!"
- Robert Q., Houston, Texas


She bought 500 Red Hot Opportunity Buyers and a couple of weeks later send this. Received August 6, 2011:
"Thanks Mark!  Great Leads!  Wonderful Customer Service!"
- Suzy B., Courtland, Mississippi

After trying 4 or 5 other mailing list companies he sent me this email with his THIRD order
"Mark, your lists are by far the best lists I have ever used. I bought 1000 of your Red Hot Income Opportunity Buyers for $295 and made $5200 on my mailing. Using your leads is like printing money! I’m very happy I found you.  "
- Brett D., Phoenix, Arizona

And I just love this one!
"Thanks, it's like a mailing list on steroids!"
- Randy J., Westland, Michigan

When he sent me his THIRD order he wrote:
"Consider this my quarterly STANDING ORDER."
- John B., Minneapolis, Minnosota

(I love this letter from Kay in New Jersey. She bought 1,000 Red Hot Income Opportunity Buyers and wrote to me 14 months later to tell me that the mailing list is still making her money with that same list! My mailing lists are like the Energizer Bunny... they just keep working, and working, and working.)

"Dear Mark, I bought your list more than one year ago and now I tried to use it for a different program. How surprised I was to get excellent response then and now again! This is the best mailing list I ever had. Thanks a million! PS... you have my permission to use my testimony.
- Kay Golinska, Rutherford, New Jersey

(Here's the entire letter as promised on the 'Welcome' page.)
Dear Mark,
I just wanted to take some time and write to you about the wonderful and professional way you have handled my account. The 5 page sales letter and 2 postcards that you wrote for me as well as your mailing lists have made my business explode beyond my wildest dreams. The volume of calls received and the positive response from my customers has pushed me to provide a website and take my business to a new level. You have helped me from providing mailing lists to copywriting and now my mailings will be over 100,000 a month. Not bad for just starting my mail campaign just 3 months ago. We are partners for life and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us. Thanks so much. Please feel free to use this testimonial as you see fit. If anyone wants to contact me to verify this letter, they can email or phone me and are welcomed to visit my website.
Warmest regards,
Howard Duckworth, San Antonio, Texas 
(210) 273-4173
My website is

(This was received by email when this New Yorker placed his SECOND order with me.)
"Mark, I've tried so many mailing list brokers that my head is spinning. One charged me $195 for 1000 names and so far over 32% of them were undeliverable because of bad addresses and more are being returned to me every day. Another charged me $162 for 1000 with the same awful results. Then I tried your lists and had such good results that I already told 25 people about you and told them they can order with confidence from you. I'm looking forward to receiving my new order from you because I know I will always have a good response using your lists. Oh, by the way, I mailed out to the last list I got from you. I mailed to 1000 people and the responses are still coming in but so far I got a 9% response. Will it stop?... I hope not! And out of the 1000 mailed there was only 1 returned for a bad address. Mark, you are AWESOME!!"
- Joe Troise, Elmont, New York

"Mark, you're wonderful! Thank you."
- Charles J., Los Angeles, California

"Thanks for the list. If they pull as well as the last mailing list you sent me last April I will order 1000 names every quarter."
- Loren H., Gladstone, Oregon

"Thanks for the great mailing list. Here's my order for another."
-Marvin C., St. Louis, Missouri

"WOW! What a list! Thanks!!"
- Debbie E., Lake Worth, Florida 

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"I've been doing mail order for 7 years and tried mail lists from lots of companies but none gave me the results I got from Mark's lists. Mark rocks!"
- Joseph Albano, Bronx, New York
"Using Mark's great mail lists and consultation he showed me how to make lots more money fast. I owe my success entirely to him."
- Bruce Cohen, Altoona, Pennsylvania
"My small mail order business was failing until I tried Mark's lists. They may cost more than some others but are worth every penny."
- Susan Ragusa, Raleigh, North Carolina
 "After losing money with other lists I was about to give up but gave it one last try using Mark's lists and now make more money than ever before."
- Angela Weatherwax, Hogansville, Georgia

 "I sent my flyer to a dozen other lists and got no response. Mark's list worked great. I finally found a list that works and an expert like Mark who went that extra mile to help me succeed."
- Pamela Troy, Kansas City, Kansas

 "Mark's mail lists have no equal. They have fewer undeliverables and bring more orders than any list I've used in my 15 years in the mail order business."
- Robert Vokes, Las Vegas, Nevada
"My gifting letter wasn't getting any response with other mailing lists. Then I contacted Mark and he sent me a mailing list. I tried it and got lots of replies all sending me cash. I will continue to use Mark's lists exclusively."
- Virginia Diaz, San Diego, California

"When I found Mark's website I was surprised at the price of his lists. But other lists weren't producing results so I took a chance and ordered. I'm glad I did because his lists helped me finally succeed. I now use them monthly."
- Gary Kostyniak, Port Orchard, Washington

"I came to Mark as a last resort when other mailing lists failed to produce results for me. I was skeptical but soon learned that Mark's lists are the best in the world. They made me more money than I ever expected."
- Edward Carrasco, Chesterfield, Missouri
"There are no words to tell you how much I appreciate the help you gave me.Your lists worked harder than any lists I tried before. Thank you for helping me reach my financial goal. I'll be sending you another order next week."
- Harvey Glass, Ocala, Florida 
"I'm new to mail order and tried a few other mailing lists and almost quit when I didn't get any orders. Your list make me a fat profit fast. And thanks for the suggestions about my brochure. I did what you said and now it works even better."
 - Floyd Saba, San Antonio, Texas
"I joined a gifting club and they told me to buy a list from you because they are the best. Your price scared me so I shared a list with my friend and we both made money. We will be using your lists every month."
 - Tran Huynh, Park Ridge, New Jersey

"I'm a single Mom working from home and want you to know how much I appreciate the great mailing lists you always send me and the consultation you gave me. It really taught me a lot about what to do to make more money."
- Jennifer Solinsky, Middletown, Ohio

"I use your mailing lists and it worked great for me. You can consider me a customer for life."
- Duane Duggan, Portland, Oregon

As I said, once you try my mailing lists I predict that you'll be writing me a nice letter too. Enough talk, now it's time for you to order your list, so...
- If you seek a responsive mailing list but need me to help them pick the right one for your offer. Call, leave a clear message, I'll call you back (M-F, approx 3-4PM EST, Florida Time). Please make sure your phone is turned on and can accept blocked calls.
For all matters not pertaining to selecting a mailing list  please email at


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