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Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Why Buy List Frequently... This One Works FOREVER!

I want to send you an amazing mailing list of the 3,000 Dumbest People in America!

How dumb are they?

So dumb that they received a letter then immediately put $100 (or more!) into an envelope and  mailed it to a perfect stranger! And the next 'perfect stranger' could be you!

(Keep reading and you'll see why they're ' a fox'!)


You, me, everybody... We've all received them and more arrive in our mailboxes every week. And plenty of people respond by immediately sending money, mostly cash.

Some send $5, some $25, some $100, and many send as much as $1,000 or more. And every quarter I gather the names & addresses of 3,000 of those people who've sent money! Yes, that's right... I said Three Thousand!

When I called them 'dumb' I didn't mean to imply that they lack intelligence.I called them dumb because of their knee-jerk reaction of sending cash to a stranger. To the person sending them the letter it was like taking cash from a baby. And I've captured the names & addresses of 3,000 of these 'cash babies'.
If you send them your offer they'll probably send you money too.

What are they responding to?

TIn a word, EVERYTHING They're responding to good-sounding make money at home offers, They want easy money! You know the programs I'm talking about; they tell a homespun story, often about the person who started the program. Then it invites you to join the party and get rich by sending money to whoever sent you the  offer.

It's simple, straightforward, direct, quick, and very effective.

There are hundreds of thousands of folks who just love these programs. They are way beyond enthusiastic about them... they're totally addicted to them. They respond to these offers again and again. And there's plenty of money to be made by sending the right offer (your offer!) to these super-responsive people.

As I said... they're 'Dumb... Like a Fox!'

When I called them 'dumb' I didn't mean to imply they're stupid. Far from it.
Actually they're smart because they seem to be making a fortune mailing out their Income Opportunity Offers. We've all read testimonials like "I mail my letters then receive $5,000 every week in my mailbox", or "I made $100,000 so far just by mailing out my letters", and so forth. The reason so many people participate in these programs is because they actually work!

We've all done it. I have, and I know you have too!

You received one of those Money Making Programs in the mail, you read it, you became excited about the very real possibility of making lots of money quickly, and you've been very tempted to send money. That's the power of these programs. If you were tempted, just imagine how someone else who's addicted to these kinds of programs would react. They'd put cash in an envelope and mail it! Well, that's the kind of person who's on my 'FOREVER LIST'.

Okay, so why am I telling you all this?

It's because so many people who contact me, and so many of my clients, work these programs that I'm asked almost daily for lists of people who just love to respond to these kinds of offers. I do provide those lists and in fact, have all you could ever need. These leadss are quite different than my Income Opportunity leads and it takes lots of time to harvest them.

The demand for mailing lists of Money-Making Addicts like these is growing so fast I can hardly keep up with it. But most folks who work these programs operate on a shoestring so I needed to find a solution that would fill their needs, suit their budget, and fit my tight schedule.


I'm happy to report to you that I've put 3,000 of the most responsive Money-Making Addicts I've ever seen onto a single CD and am making it available to the first 25 people who respond for only $250. These leads are comparable to my In-House Buyers that I  usually get $330 per 1000. So that makes 3,000 of them worth nearly $990!

Every week I always harvest more leads than I sell and these are left on the shelf.

The ONLY difference is that usual lists are only a few days old and go only to one client. The CD containing the names & addresses of 3,000 of them that I'll send to you contains the exact same top-quality leads I'm famous for but they're just a bit older (the CD is refreshed every 90 days with brand new names & addresses) and will be sold to a maximum of only 25 clients. Yes, this FOREVER LIST will be sent to the first 25 clients who order it then you'll have to wait another three months until the next edition is made available. DO NOT DELAY - Order yours right right now for only $250. That's only $83 per Thousand!

I never like to overwork my lists; which is why I have limited the availability for only 25.

The 'Forever' List

The 'Forever List' of 3,000 eager Buyers comes to you on a quality CD in an Excel spreadsheet so you can select, sort and analyze them. The leads will also be in a special Word document - a label template. Just open this special document and labels print automatically!  These 3,000 names & addresses will be yours for your unlimited use. This list contains names & mailing addresses only, no phone numbers or email addresses.

PLEASE NOTE: The leads on this list are different than the leads on any of my other mailing list categories. There is no duplication.

This list cannot be ordered online.

    Mail $250 Cash or Money Order (no checks) payable to:
        5455 S. Suncoast Blvd #66

        Homosassa, FL 34446

Be sure to include your name & mailing address. And include your email address so I can confirm receipt of your order.

  • Orders shipped immediately by 2-Day USPS Priority Mail with Tracking Confirmation.

Remember, only 25 copies of this list will be sold. When they're gone they're gone!



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